What are Polycarbonate panels?

Polycarbonate panels are panels meant for roofing or sometimes walls made up of a typical kind of thermoplastic polymer. It can be considered as a translucent type of plastic that is available in different thickness and sizes. Because of being light weight and having a high flexibility, polycarbonate panels finds high usage in the construction of greenhouses and automobiles.

Other than the benefits of these panels, there are several other benefits too like low costs and easy maintenance. Being an environment friendly material, it can be used in a variety of applications of the modern world. Some of the applications of polycarbonate are sheets for glazing and roofing, IT parts, optical media, medical devices, spectacle lenses, food contact articles and leisure articles. Well being and safety of the consumers is ensured by the usage of polycarbonate. The reliability and safety of this material has stood the test of time from products ranging from the bicycle to the roofs of the stadium. Increasing the quality if the way we live in, polycarbonate has made it easier for the durability of certain products and hence enhanced our lifestyle!


Benefits of using polycarbonate panels:

Some of the many benefits of using polycarbonate panels are stated as under:

  • The cost of the polycarbonate panels is very low and economical. It is even lighter and cheaper than materials like glass. Being light weight there installation is very easy and not time consuming too.
  • These panels are very flexible too in comparison to glass, wood or other construction materials. They can hence be moulded into many shapes like igloo or dome shape.
  • Even the percentage of light transmission through a polycarbonate panel is also higher than other substances used for greenhouse construction. They provide greater direct radiation as compared to diffused radiation.
  • The resistance to any kinds of impact are also on a higher side for the polycarbonate panels. Hence unlikely chances of breakage in conditions of heavy snowfall or hailstorms etc.
  • They also have an enhanced lifespan and most of the manufacturers give you guarantee for years and years.
  • There is no chance of fading of the panels too which is also a benefit in terms of style and display.
  • On making double panel doors or windows with polycarbonate, extra insulation is guaranteed.
  • Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable. Providing high robustness and durability, these panels offer a lot of security and safety to your homes and offices.


Polycarbonate panels are very useful for the roofing of your homes. Offering so many advantages and benefits, these panels have replaced the conventional metallic or glass doors and windows. Coming in affordable and such economical prices, these panels are gaining a lot of popularity with the easy installation and the ease of maintenance they offer. They are very thermo stable and hence can even be used in double glazing of your windows to provide increased insulation for your home. Polycarbonate panels have changed the lifestyle by adding an edge in the construction field and increasing the home decor of your house.