Do Polycarbonate Roof Panels Make Better Roofs?

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Let’s begin this discussion with the short answer, yes, they do make better roofs. I do not think polycarbonate roof panels are as simple as that though, is it. Now for the justification of what I have said.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a polycarbonate panel?

If you have heard of thermoplastic, you are half way there. It is a material that gets soft when heated and hard when cooled without ruining the material used in the item. Polycarbonate sheets or polycarbonate roofing panels are made up of this material.

Polycarbonate panels can be used for all kinds of roofing be it commercial or residential. It might not be the most professional looking to be added to every part of your house, but it would definitely work if you are adding it to the patio or the balcony.

Other than being durable and long lasting, they are well priced and generally give the area that polycarbonate roof panels are applied to a good look. You would not need a lot of work to be done on the general pillars that are holding them up since they are quite light but provide some very professional qualities and strength.

You have to also remember that being as durable as it is, it would not wear out as easily and that means you would be paying less on maintenance.

Polycarbonate roofing panels come in multiple sizes but that’s not all, you would also get them in multiple colors which can be used to match the rest of your house when the need be. They will also work very well if you are adding them to your shed or greenhouse since you get them in transparent options.

This will also allow the right amount of light to get in so that the area is not very dark during the day.

Polycarbonate Roof Panels Build Better Houses?

Well, you can go with the older method of building a cemented or tiled roof for your house and this does look pretty good. However, in some time you will notice that this does not come cheap. Not only are you paying a very high initial price for this, but you are also paying a very steep maintenance cost.

I believe in the philosophy that things that are pretty don’t usually come cheap.

You can save a ton of money if you go through with adding polycarbonate roof panels to a few spaces in your house. You can do this for balconies since they would need some light coming in and it will be ideal as opposed to getting a tiled roof to cover your balcony.

Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Ideally, you would find polycarbonate roofing panels used to make the roof above your sheds and greenhouses as well. This makes sense as a cash saving option since you do not need the highest quality of roof above your shed, which means you can settle for something that provides a very sophisticated look and feel for a smaller price.

Further, you would also not be looking for a roof of tiles or cement above the greenhouse since it needs some light to get in for the plants that are growing within.

Where can I purchase some polycarbonate roofing panels?

Polycarbonate roof panels are not difficult to come by since you can get them at any roofing store. That’s not all, in most parts of the world, with a good internet connection, you can get them online. If you are getting them online, you might not be able to touch and feel what you are buying until you actually have it at your door step.

However, if you go this way around, you sometimes get huge discounts. I mean everyone is looking for a good quality at the best prices and this seems to make a lot of sense.

That’s not all, other than getting this at the store, there are a lot of different suppliers and makers of polycarbonate roofing panels who you can choose from. You can go with some more amazing pricing option from different suppliers.

Just make sure you don’t get something that you have read up on, otherwise you might end up with a product that does not really work for your roofing.

How easy is it to get a polycarbonate roofing panel installed?

It is not difficult to get this installed, I mean, it could be done by any American dad if you have some time and know your way with your tools. All you would need to get this done, is a frame for the roofing. This is usually done by a welding team if you are getting this done of metal.

Otherwise you would have to get beams, again, we would recommend metal since these tend to last longer.

After that you would have to make sure that you place the panels correctly above the frame. If you do not do this right, you would have water dripping through during the rains, or your air conditioning (depending on if you have it or not) escaping whenever you turn it on.

However, if you do not have the time to do this yourself, we would recommend you contacting a professional who would probably have done a bunch of these in the past, implying that it would take him a lot less time to get it done.

Is there a lot you can do when you are using polycarbonate roofing panels with roof designs?

Yes, definitely especially since they are so easily to work with. Ideally you would notice that most of the houses that use it have rather square roofs since you get them in sheets which are generally square. However, as mentioned earlier, they are easy to work with, which means that they can be cut to the right size and shape and used accordingly.

You can also use them to get pointed conical shapes for your roof and this generally looks good, especially if you are using the transparent option of the panels since you have the right amount of light coming in when the sun shines through them.

Well, there you have it, all the reasons why you should go with polycarbonate roofing panels over the other options. Yes, you have the choice to choose from the different companies that give you the panels but ideally if they have the same chemical structure, you should be fine.

Happy roofing!!!