Polycarbonate Panels: A Quick Guide

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Polycarbonate panels, the smart, well priced and durable answer to your renovation and roofing needs but they don’t stop there; they can do so much more and even help with doors and windows. Why use the older means when you have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the future.

Before we get into the technicalities of whether they are a good idea or a curse, it would make sense to clearly understand what they are. In simple English, they are a tough and strong materials used in the construction and engineering of houses or places of residence. Many times you get them in transparent colors, which are quite common and gaining popularity. Since they have properties of polycarbonates, being really tough and resistance to heat, but above all, not that expensive, polycarbonate panels have a ton of uses and are getting quite popular now a days.

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Polycarbonates Panels in housing

Finding uses for inexpensive and durable material in housing has never been a problem and polycarbonates tick all the boxes needed here. Polycarbonate panels can be easily shaped which would mean that they can be put to multiple different uses, and they are not difficult to come by, other than being strong and long lasting as well.

What about other fields of work?

Surprise, surprise, polycarbonate panels have made their way into the IT sector as well. Although we notice a phasing out of compact disks now days, the disks are usually made from the same material. That’s not all; many other parts in your computer are made of the same material as well.

Going through the different uses of the material left me jaw dropped since they vary from roofs to military planes showing me that polycarbonates are more enterprising than most people.

What makes polycarbonates tick?

By now you must be wondering, what is in this wonder material that makes it so usable and always there before anything else? How is it so cheap, yet, so good at the same time?

Well, “polycarbonates are the children of an organic synthetic compound called Bisphenol A and a chemical compound called Phosgene.” There are complex chemical processes that are involved and the treating of the substance using sodium hydroxide among other things. There is another substance of the same used in the making of lenses, yes; the same ones that help people see.

What are the uses of polycarbonates at home?

If you are already done building your house and you are thinking that you missed the train, fear not, there are uses of this wonder material that have still not been unlocked. One of the most common uses that you might see around you is building a polycarbonate wall in one of the rooms.

This bright transparent wall would look brilliant for the dining room or the hall, or leading in from the balcony. However, if you are adding the same to the bedroom, make sure that you add blinds otherwise; you would have some bright lights shooting at your face every morning, not letting you sleep in on a lazy day.

If you are adventurous, you can try creating the roof of your out shifting balcony in the same polycarbonate material. Make sure that you use a generally transparent material but it doesn’t have to be completely transparent so give it a different and novel effect.

Polycarbonate walls can even be added inside your house, if you wish to create a casual partition in one large room, make sure that you stay away from complete transparency since you do not want to keep walking into your wall.

There are so many different permutations and combinations you can go with if you have the time to sit around and envision what you want in your house. Make sure that your ideas don’t make a hole right through your pocket, especially if you are thinking of making changes to an already existing house.

Should I work with glass or polycarbonate walls for my green house?

Gone are the days where putting up a greenhouse in your backyard was an easy affair. We give you polycarbonate walls and sheets, a material that comes a lot cheaper, is durable and a lot more effective in doing the same job as glass.

Polycarbonate Panels

Here’s why we would tell you to switch from glass. Firstly, how often have you shattered glass? I can guess that as a human being, who tends to be a wee bit clumsy, I would say at least once. Well, I am going to start with that as my selling point. Polycarbonates are a lot tougher than glass and have most of the same qualities as glass; they are also naturally transparent which allows all the light that you would need in your green house.

You can also add apply add-ons to the polycarbonate walls and panes so to make them relatively resistant to fire or large amounts of heat. Overall through, one of the best qualities that polycarbonates have is their strength. They are not the strongest material on the planet but they are a lot tougher than glass and would be an interesting change for your green house.

Depending on which part of the globe you are housed at, you would have to contact the FDA for permissions since they ask a few questions if you are planning on using specific materials around items of food. This is more a safety precaution to make sure you are not contaminating grains, crops and vegetables before selling them.

How are polycarbonate Panels purchased?

Well, at this point it comes as no surprise that they are purchased off the counter, and yes, they come in sheets. These polycarbonate sheets are generally transparent, but they also come in color and you can use them accordingly depending on what you need them for.

You can add polycarbonate sheets for walls, roofs and even to make short partial or complete partitions around your house. These sheets can later be cut up with complete ease to be made smaller and used for windows, doors and any other uses that you might have around the house. Many people have found it rather innovative to use it in the yard as well, for sheds or greenhouses. Just make sure that the colors you are going with match the rest of the room or house for best results, or decide this based on the colours you would be painting the place.

What can polycarbonate panels do against tougher weather?

Not to brag about how good they are or how tough they can be, but polycarbonate panels are made to withstand certain types of weather as well. There are special polycarbonate panels that are created to be tough against storms and hurricanes.

These are used in locations with a lot of rainfall and usually to cover greenhouses. You can get these in clear polycarbonate panels or you can get them in shaded opaque shades depending on what you are looking for.

Some parts of the world can even go a step further and order them online and get the, straight to their doorsteps. This would allow you to decide and pick exactly what you are looking for, while in the comfort of your home. You have to make sure that you add the right shape and size based on the part of your house that you want to use them for.

The only downside here is that you would not be able to see them in person before the purchase, but that’s not so bad since you get a giant discount and most of the sites have a return policy of a few days.

There are slight but significant differences between polycarbonate hurricane panels and polycarbonate storm panels, but for the most part, they do a similar job of keeping the water out during very harsh environmental conditions.

As mentioned earlier, these are pretty well priced and if you thought that was a good deal, you are now getting huge discounts if you purchase them online which is an added bonus in itself.

Different types of polycarbonate hurricane panels

Firstly, I have to mention that these are not used world around since the entire world does not have the same weather. There is nothing wrong with using them if you think you can pull it off as an interesting look. However, if you do not do this right, you might frighten your neighbours giving them the message that there is a great storm coming.

Some of the types of panels used are the

#1. Automatic roll down panels

My personal favorites, they are set to a frame around the outside of the window. They would ideally be placed on the top of the window, but when required they would roll down their track, exactly the distance of the frame and cover the window so that the window is properly covered.

There are other amendments made to this by the company to make sure that they are strong and hold everything together.

#2. Accordion shutters

These are usually rolled and piled up on the side of the window. Now there are a lot of users adding them to the top as well. When they are needed, you have to head to them and roll them across the windows to make sure that everything is well covered and protected. You can get these as a set of two per window, which means that they would both meet in the middle of the window and can be locked up there.

Otherwise you can add a larger one that would be placed on the side. This one would be forced to go the entire length of the window and lock at the other end.

#3. Bahama shutters

As brilliant as these look, they cannot be added to any apartment or building, these are only ideal for houses or bungalows with the tiled roofs since they create the overall feel for the windows. Further, they are not as popular as the previous two since they are not as stable as the previous two but they at the end of the day, they make sure to get the job done.

These are pre-fitted and open and close as you would expect normal windows to. However, being polycarbonate panes they have a lot more strength and would be ideal for supporting your general window against strong winds and rains.

#4. Awning shutters

These are the little umbrella shutters that would be placed above the window. Their main job is to make sure that the window is protected from the rain. Very often there are people who choose to leave their windows open in a slight drizzle. If the polycarbonate awning shutters are placed properly, it would make sure that you do not end up with any water on your living room floor.

Some of these come with a folding umbrella, and this is brilliant for the rest of the year since it allows you to get some amount of sunlight into your house as well. However, when hit with sudden showers, make sure you are alert to whether it is opened or not, otherwise you would end up with a giant mess to clean up later.

#5. Storm shutters

These are a blend of shutters and polycarbonate panels that you can slide into a frame in rough weather. Ideally, they are taken out during the rest of the year and added only during the rainy season. You have to make sure that you keep the frame clean, since emergencies do not give you a lot of time to react, and you might end up having trouble in the last minute.

There you have it. A tonne of uses that can be accomplished using polycarbonate panels, something not easily possible with most other materials. Other than saving money, polycarbonate panels make sure that you are heading for the right and durable route.

You will not have to worry about changing the equipment you are using for some time moving forward. Make sure that you consult someone who has worked with these materials before since you do not want to invest money in getting this done and realize that the team helping you was inexperienced and the vision you had ruined.