Clear Polycarbonate Panels Making Interesting Roofing Options

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Ideally transparent roofing options are used for outhouses, sheds and might even be used for green houses. Clear polycarbonate panels are ideal in such situations since they get the right amount of light through the roof to create the right ambiance for the plants growing there.

When will someone look at transparent roofing options for their house? Most people would think that it does not make sense especially since there is a saying about glass houses and all. We however would not recommend using this for your general house, unless you have one room in your house that you would want to brighten up every morning with natural light.

Why clear polycarbonate panels?

In general, these polycarbonate panels are a lot tougher and durable than the previous versions of roofing equipment. Further, you would find that they do not need a strong structure to hold them above the roof since they are quite light in general.

They are made from a type of plastic that gets softer in extreme heat and then re hardens when it cools down, which means that it can take quite heavy temperatures without having to worry about maintenance and repairs.

You can get other material as well, or use general metal sheets but they would get quite warm in the summer and cause the room that they are covering to get quite uncomfortable.

Twin wall polycarbonate panel

Other than using polycarbonate panels on your roof, they can also be used inside the house. If you are using clear polycarbonate panels, you can add them in the bathroom to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. If here though, you might want to add them in an opaque shade to get the general bathroom effect.

If you have a relatively large room in the house and you want to split it up, you can even add a clear polycarbonate panel in the middle of the room. This sometimes provides the two rooms with a class of their own. It works exceptionally if you are doing this in your office to separate the meeting or conference room from the rest of the office.

This way you would be increasing the morale of the employees when they see the people coming in. It would also show them that you are open with them but not that open so as to give them the actual information of the meeting that went by.

Can I use polycarbonate panels for greenhouses?

As mentioned earlier, it is ideal that you actually do this. It would save you a lot of money on natural lighting, especially if you are using clear polycarbonate panels. It would also help the plants that are growing in there.

You have to make sure that the temperature and the amount of sunlight coming in, match the requirements of the plants that are growing in the greenhouse. Otherwise you might find yourself with a bunch of over baked vegetable plants, since you wanted natural light in your house.

You can also change the shape of the roof of your greenhouse which does benefit a lot of the plants but you have to double check how this is to be done. Being easily workable, you just have to rework the frame that holds the roof up and you can change the shape directly.

Clear Polycarbonate Panels

The structure can be made from hollow lightweight steel beams since this is all the strength you would need to get them to hold the rest of the roof up. They are easy to set up and would not take a lot of time, again this depends on the size of the area that you are roofing. There are plenty of experts in the field and they do not charge a hefty amount.

It is ideal that you get a professional to handle this but there are people who have done this themselves without much experience. If anything does go wrong though, you would not have any one to blame but yourself which is why you should get a professional.

It should be done with the fitting in less than a week after the frame has been set. Depending on whether you are re building or renovating, it would take some time to get the frame in there.

How can I get some polycarbonate sheets that are on sale?

Firstly, clear polycarbonate panels are very well priced and you would be able to get your hands on them quite easily. You can get them at stores, and there is a bunch in most localities in urban cities.

Your other option is to get them online, you would definitely get them a lot cheaper but you would not be able to see and feel them until they are already brought to your house.

If you are looking for the best deal, I would suggest getting them online, which has an added benefit of discounts and usually free shipping if you are getting a rather large quantity.

If you are doing your roof up, you would definitely receive this benefit since there is no way that you would end up buying a small quantity.

Can I use clear polycarbonate panels instead of glass?

Here we would say that it would depend on the reason that you are using them. If you are using them to get the effect of glass, then yes, they are ideal. Further, you would end up saving some money on this as well. But that’s not all; it is a lot tougher, so it would last.

However, if you are using these panels and expecting the properties of glass, you might not get them. Although being transparent and looking the same, you might not be able to burn ants in the sunlight.

They are also ideal if you are adding small sheets in between the tiles on your roof. You would then be able to see the sunlight coming in and the moonlight at night.

Now this depends on the structure supporting your roof and if you have a concrete roof below, this might not work out the same.